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Welcome to the most comprehensive library of kitchen industry research anywhere. Browse our diverse collection of one-of-a-kind kitchen reports for unique perspectives and insight to the constantly evolving kitchen sector.

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  1. And-Baby-Makes-A-Crowded-Kitchen-Cover-Small

    And Baby Makes…A Crowded Kitchen: How Children Influence Kitchen Usage & Design

    The composition of the American household is changing and this is having an effect on what consumers want when remodeling or building their kitchen. This two-part study delves into how people with children view their kitchens and compares their needs, attitudes and remodeling plans to those with other family structures. Learn More
  2. Kitchen-Activitiy-for-Families-with-Children-Chart-SKU112010-Cover

    Kitchen Activity for Families with Children

    Do families with children use kitchens differently than families without?
    (File Formats Include: JPG, PDF & PPT) Learn More
  3. Most-Popular-Kitchen-Activities-by-Demographics-Chart-SKU092410-Cover

    Most Popular Kitchen Activities by Demographics

    How are people using their kitchens and how does it vary by generation?
    (File Formats Include: JPG, PDF & PPT) Learn More
  4. The Culture Code for 'Kitchen' in America

    The Culture Code for 'Kitchen' in America

    This report is a summary of three discovery groups conducted among consumers in various generations to explore their kitchen memories to understand consumers' deep emotional connections to kitchens. Learn More

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