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Welcome to the most comprehensive library of kitchen industry research anywhere. Browse our diverse collection of one-of-a-kind kitchen reports for unique perspectives and insight to the constantly evolving kitchen sector.

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  1. Ideal-Kitchen-Wish-List-Appliances-Chart-SKU093810

    Ideal Kitchen Wish List Appliances

    What appliances are on consumers' wish list?
    (File Formats Include: JPG, PDF & PPT) Learn More
  2. Kitchen-Remodelers-Items-Purchased

    Kitchen Remodelers: Items Purchased for Remodel

    An average of 16% of U.S. consumers have completed a kitchen renovation project over the past year, and when completed, nearly 3 out of 4 people would have done something differently! What would they have done differently? What is driving today's kitchen remodeling projects? How much does 'going green' impact planning and purchase decisions? This report delivers answers to these questions and more, giving you detailed insights needed to market effectively to today's consumers. Learn More
  3. Trends_in_Cabinets_Islands_Cover

    Trends in Cabinets, Islands & Hardware as Seen by Kitchen Designers

    Kitchen designers from across the country talk about the latest trends in cabinets, islands and cabinet hardware. What's hot and what's not? This 21-page reveals insights into the kitchen designer's view on where cabinetry is headed. Learn More

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