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  1. Fantastic Faucets Report

    Fantastic Faucets Report

    Nearly 40% of kitchen designers indicated that electronic faucets have been considered for a design project. Based on a survey of 49 professional kitchen designers from across the country, this report explores the demand for electronic faucets and low-flow faucets, what they would like to see offered in faucets and their experiences with specific faucet brands. Learn More
  2. Opportunities in the Age of the Smart Kitchen - 2018

    Opportunities in the Age of the Smart Kitchen - 2018

    This study identifies what kitchen remodeling clients are demanding and the anticipated popularity of cutting-edge smart kitchen technologies, among 324 professional kitchen and bath designers and dealers. Learn More
  3. Today's Buying Process - Diary of a Kitchen Remodel

    Today's Buying Process - Diary of a Kitchen Remodel

    Based on the experience of homeowners who are undergoing a kitchen renovation, this study uncovers insights about the remodeling experience - from the first spark to shopping and product selection, identifying ways to make the remodeling and buying process go smoother and quicker. Learn More
  4. Remodelers-360-Cover-Small

    Remodelers 360: How Americans Use Their Kitchens & Their Remodeling Experiences

    How are consumers using their kitchens? What are their design preferences and what do they want in their 'ideal' kitchen? Learn how U.S. consumers are using their kitchens and their experiences with remodeling. Learn More
  5. And-Baby-Makes-A-Crowded-Kitchen-Cover-Small

    And Baby Makes…A Crowded Kitchen: How Children Influence Kitchen Usage & Design

    The composition of the American household is changing and this is having an effect on what consumers want when remodeling or building their kitchen. This two-part study delves into how people with children view their kitchens and compares their needs, attitudes and remodeling plans to those with other family structures. Learn More
  6. Kitchen_Designer_Wish_Cover

    Kitchen Designers' Wish Lists & Predictions for the Future

    Kitchen designers are doing mostly remodels rather than new home construction these days. And while budget concerns are prominent, value has surfaced as the key. This 18-page report encompasses feedback from professionals kitchen designers across the country as they talk about what trends they see for the future and what new products or features they would like to see available. Learn More
  7. Green_Kitchen_Design_Cover

    Green Kitchen Design

    Most U.S. consumers give some consideration to the environment when making purchases for the kitchen. In fact over 30% of consumers strongly consider the 'green' aspect as part of the decision making and buying process. What does 'green' really mean? Discover more about what's driving today's 'green kitchens' with this 15-page report which reveals what professional kitchen designers from across the country are hearing from consumers. Learn More

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