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  1. Gen Y in the Kitchen

    Gen Y in the Kitchen

    This large study based on three online studies among U.S. consumers and professional kitchen designers assesses the attitudes and thinking of Generation Y consumers around the kitchen. Learn More
  2. Remodelers 360 - 2014

    Remodelers 360 - 2014

    This large survey of U.S. consumers explores kitchen attitudes and activities, kitchen design preferences, kitchen remodeling activities and sources used for remodeling ideas. Learn More
  3. Consumer Kitchen Trends - Thumbnail

    Consumer Kitchen Trends: From Remodeling Rates to Technology Trends

    This large survey of U.S. homeowners measures planned kitchen product purchases, store shopping, sources of information as well as kitchen tasks that technology in the kitchen helps consumers do now and technology needed for the future. Learn More
  4. 2012-Remodelers-360

    Remodelers 360 - 2012

    Study explores kitchen attitudes and activities, what is desired in the ideal kitchen, kitchen remodeling activities and sources used for remodeling ideas. Learn More
  5. Designer-Business-Practices-2012

    Designer Business Practices 2012

    Examines how professional kitchen and bath designers operate and market their design businesses, including the use of new media. Learn More
  6. Kitchen-Conversations-Full-Report-Cover-Small

    Kitchen Conversations: Exploring Online Discussions about Kitchens

    Consumers are moving to online platforms at lightning speed. Over three-quarters of U.S. adults use the Internet and Baby Boomers are the fastest-growing segment of Facebook users. Nearly 30% of online kitchen conversations relate to giving and getting advice on products and purchase recommendations. And if something needs fixing, or there's a question about installation, consumers are turning to the web for answers. This 63-page report utilizes the latest social media monitoring and reporting tools to explore 1,800 online conversations related to kitchen faucets, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooking appliances, ventilation and cabinets. Learn More
  7. Remodelers-360-Cover-Small

    Remodelers 360: How Americans Use Their Kitchens & Their Remodeling Experiences

    How are consumers using their kitchens? What are their design preferences and what do they want in their 'ideal' kitchen? Learn how U.S. consumers are using their kitchens and their experiences with remodeling. Learn More
  8. And-Baby-Makes-A-Crowded-Kitchen-Cover-Small

    And Baby Makes…A Crowded Kitchen: How Children Influence Kitchen Usage & Design

    The composition of the American household is changing and this is having an effect on what consumers want when remodeling or building their kitchen. This two-part study delves into how people with children view their kitchens and compares their needs, attitudes and remodeling plans to those with other family structures. Learn More
  9. Ideal_Kitchen_Cover

    The Ideal Kitchen: Consumers' Wish Lists & Reasons for Changing Remodeling Plans

    If cost were not a factor, consumers would most want a cooktop with a built-in grill. How about a microwave that reads bar codes to set the cook time? What's on top of the list when it comes to making changes to the kitchen? Based on research conducted among 2,906 U.S. consumers, this 28-page report provides the inside scoop on what people are looking for in their 'ideal kitchen'. Learn More

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