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  1. Consumer Hot Buttons 2015 Report

    Consumer Hot Buttons 2015 Report

    This study uncovers what today's clients want in kitchens and baths, according to design professionals who work with them. Learn More
  2. Upscale Consumers and Their Kitchens Report

    Upscale Consumers and Their Kitchens Report

    This study of affluent U.S. homeowners and kitchen designers who do high-end kitchens explores how affluent consumers differ from their contemporaries about their attitudes and design preferences for their kitchens. Learn More
  3. Kitchen of the Future Ideation Session Summary

    Kitchen of the Future Ideation Session Summary

    This report is a summary of an ideation session to identify way to make kitchens so much better that virtually all homeowners would want to remodel in the next five years. Learn More
  4. What's Hot & What's Not: Kitchen Design Preferences

    What's Hot & What's Not: Kitchen Design Preferences

    Based on insights from kitchen designers as well as homeowners, this study uncovers emerging trends in kitchen design, kitchen attitudes and preferences for colors and finishes for kitchen products. Learn More
  5. Consumer Kitchen Trends - Thumbnail

    Consumer Kitchen Trends: From Remodeling Rates to Technology Trends

    This large survey of U.S. homeowners measures planned kitchen product purchases, store shopping, sources of information as well as kitchen tasks that technology in the kitchen helps consumers do now and technology needed for the future. Learn More
  6. 2012-Remodelers-360

    Remodelers 360 - 2012

    Study explores kitchen attitudes and activities, what is desired in the ideal kitchen, kitchen remodeling activities and sources used for remodeling ideas. Learn More
  7. Designer-Business-Practices-2012

    Designer Business Practices 2012

    Examines how professional kitchen and bath designers operate and market their design businesses, including the use of new media. Learn More
  8. Kitchen-Remodelers-Items-Purchased

    Kitchen Remodelers: Items Purchased for Remodel

    An average of 16% of U.S. consumers have completed a kitchen renovation project over the past year, and when completed, nearly 3 out of 4 people would have done something differently! What would they have done differently? What is driving today's kitchen remodeling projects? How much does 'going green' impact planning and purchase decisions? This report delivers answers to these questions and more, giving you detailed insights needed to market effectively to today's consumers. Learn More
  9. Remodelers-360-Cover-Small

    Remodelers 360: How Americans Use Their Kitchens & Their Remodeling Experiences

    How are consumers using their kitchens? What are their design preferences and what do they want in their 'ideal' kitchen? Learn how U.S. consumers are using their kitchens and their experiences with remodeling. Learn More
  10. Top-of-The-Line-Upscale-Consumers_Cover-small

    Top of the Line: Insights into Upscale Consumers & their Kitchens

    Organized. Well-equipped. Comfortable. Three words most frequently associated with describing the ideal kitchen among upscale consumers. What are these power-consumers looking for in their kitchens? How does differ among moderate, high-end and ultra high-end households? This 48-page report reveals insights from 1,087 U.S. consumers and compares results between households with varying incomes. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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